The PedsDocTalk Podcast

6: The Fussy Newborn

April 06, 2020 Dr. Mona Amin
The PedsDocTalk Podcast
6: The Fussy Newborn
Show Notes

I personally don't like the word  "colic" when talking about a newborn. Babies fuss and some fuss more than others. A fussy baby can be extremely difficult to take care of as sometimes it may seem nothing can soothe them. 
 In this episode, I discuss:

  • The definition of colic and why I don't like labeling a fussy baby as "colicky."
  • Infant gas. Why it happens and how to help babies.
  • Tips to soothe a fussy baby
  • When to be concerned about a baby who is inconsolable
  • The psychological impact of taking care of a fussy infant and the correlation I see between postpartum depression/anxiety and colic.
  • Some tips to help you through those tough moments. 

I have been there too and I hope through sharing some of my experiences with our own son, you will find some guidance in finding a plan that works for your baby.

Please make sure if you are exhibiting signs of postpartum depression/anxiety, you seek medical attention. It's important for mommas to take care of themselves.