The PedsDocTalk Podcast

Addressing Racial Injustice With Your Child

June 04, 2020 Dr. Mona Amin
The PedsDocTalk Podcast
Addressing Racial Injustice With Your Child
Show Notes

As we process the tragic death of George Floyd on May 25th, 2020, it's important we take the events that transpired and make a positive effort for long-lasting change.

I'm happy to welcome Dr. Tasha Brown, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. We talk about racial injustice in America and how to speak to children about what they may be seeing in the media. 

Where do you start in addressing these issues?
Should you turn off the media?
Why is understanding media bias important especially in racial issues?
How can we make meaningful change for racial equality?
Why does representation matter so much to minority communities? 
How can you foster activism in your child for the BLM movement or any social justice movement?
What are the long-term impacts of oppression and racism on a child?

Dr. Tasha Brown and I share our thoughts on these questions. As a Black-American professional, it was great hearing how she is navigating this time on a personal and professional level.  

Meaningful change means putting the work in and we hope this can be a starting point for you.

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